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White Rose Bath Bomb
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Seller :   Peerage Soaps
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Price :   $ 2.95
Product name White Rose Bath Bomb
Weight 0.8 LBS
Product Description

There is nothing quite so relaxing as bathing in a tub of softened, nourishing, fragrant water. These bath bombs provide a fizzy treat when dropped into warm bath water, quickly dissolving and softening the water with the healing properties of epsom salts and adding a light fragrance to sooth the senses.

Holiday Special through December 16, 2016: Single Bath Bombs will come in a molded ornament package, ready to be hung on the tree for a fragrant surprise - could also be attached to a stocking or gift box tag for an unexpected treat.

Fragrance: White Rose.

All natural bath bombs contain: Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts, Cornstarch, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils, colored mica.

Average weight: 3.5oz

Use one or two bath bombs, depending on the size of your tub.


Seller Peerage Soaps
Company Name Peerage Soaps
State / Province PA   Long Pond
Country US
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