Welcome to the USA Coin Tutorial page.

Here you can gain knowledge on how to become a vendor and how to start selling your numismatics quickly and easily.

In order to become a vendor , you will need to Register as one. The only thing you will need a Business PayPal account!

There is 2 ways to Register as vendor, one is trough the usual Sign In button on the right, or trough the Vendor button in the middle of the menu bar.

The Sign In button method:

You can do this by clicking to the Sign In button on the right side of the Home page.

When the small window comes up, click on the Register.

When the second new window comes up, choose Become a Vendor.

On the next page please fill out all the necessary information.

The Vendor button method of registration:

Once your registration has been approved, go ahead and Sign In.

Now you will have access to the Vendor Dashboard.

Under the Vendor button in the menu bar, from the dropdown list, please select Store Manager ( or alternatively under the My Account button on the right, from the dropdown list choose Vendor Dashboard). You will be presented the following screen.

This will be your very own Store Dashboard on the USA Coin website.

Please go down to the Settings on the left side.

Here you can do all your Settings, feel free to fill out the necessary info’s, but most importantly fill out the Payment and Shipping Sections!

In the Payment section, please choose PayPal as Preferred Payment method, and provide your PayPal email and PayPal API credentials, also called signatures. This later one you will need to request from PayPal, and you will need to have a PayPal Business account for that. Failing to provide these information, will result in not being able to sell your items. USA Coin doesn’t take responsibility for failed payments!

Once you are done with this, you can start adding your first Products. For this please go to the Products section on the left side list, and click on the Add New button on the top right.

And this is all!

You are ready to sell, auction etc. your goods.

For every item you sell USA Coin will request a 10% admin fee, for which you are responsible to send to USA Coin, after your sale has been concluded.

To see your current admin fee owed to USA Coin, please click on the Payments section from the left side list.

After that click on the Reverse Withdrawal button on the top right, to see the actual outstanding fee, you will need to send to the USA Coin.

In the example above you sold an item for $1.00 ( $1.10 with shipping for the sake of the example ) and you owe $0.10 as Admin free to the USA Coin.